Fully bi-planer with a true pitch of 228mm or 152mm with a double large diameter bearing fitted between the horizontal chain links together with pairs of bearings and swinging pendants between the vertical links. Safe load per pendant of 30kg or up to 60kg with a double pendant flightbar arrangement.
Track Comprising a 51mm square section with a 3mm wall thickness with a 11mm wide slot in the bottom face. This is rolled in 6m max. lengths. The sections would be complete with joint plates for easy bolted assembly. Curves would be rolled and fabricated from standard track section and surface hardened after manufacture to give a long life.
Drive Unit A caterpillar type drive with driving dogs fitted between a pair of twin side chains, these chains are powered by a geared motor unit, incorporating a torque limiting device for overload protection. An AC inverter or DC thyristor can be used to control and vary drive speeds.
Tension Unit A spring loaded tension device would be fitted to ensure correct chain tension and to compensate for variances within the system.
Support Structure

The conveyor would be either floor supported using square hollow section forming a rigid structure and incorporating base plates, or roof supported utilising track hanger clamps connected to tubular suspensions. Please see specification for specific proposals.

Finish: Galvanised track, steelwork finished mid blue paint, machined parts self colour.

Inspection This would be incorporated in a readily accessible position in the circuit for inspection and preventative maintenance.