Plastic Wheels



This wheel was developed to reduce the sound levels in noisy assembly sections of automobile plants. The centre of the wheel is produced in PA6 with a polyurethane tyre (PUR). Sound level reductions of approximately 10dB were experienced in assembly areas. Maximum recommended loads are 100 Kg per wheel.

Slightly higher rolling resistances are experienced compared to steel wheels. In practice the increase in chain pull is negligible.

Normal temperature range -20°C to +80°C.


Wheel Grease
All wheel grease is silicone free. Recommended grease volumes are shown in the table for grease up to 160°C.
Temperature Max. 
Staburags NBUI2 150°C 
Petamo GHY443 160°C
Amblygon TA3O/1 160°C
Darina Fett 2 140°C
Retinax A 120°C
Alvania G2 140°C
Optitemp HT2 140°C
Barrierta 260°C
Ontropeen ETG/W2 260°C